You can choose and customize our services below.

Advance into Japan

Incorporation Service  Click!

Incorporation fee : from 40,000 yen

Fundrasing Support Click!

Excute a business plan : from 50,000 yen

Accounting and general affair Support

Bookkeeping Service Click!

Special Price Course : fulfill te cash book with yourself and you save money

Easy Course : duptize all fullfilment (from collecting and organizing receipt to inputting the accounting software)

Monthly classification Special Price Course Easy Course voucher arrangement
50 1,500yen / month 3,000yen / month 3,000yen / month
100 5,000yen / month 10,000yen / month 5,000yen / month
150 7,500yen / month 15,000yen / month 7,500yen / month
200 10,000yen / month 20,000yen / month 10,000yen / month
300 15,000yen / month 30,000yen / month 15,000yen / month
400 20,000yen / month 40,000yen / month 20,000yen / month
 500 25,000yen / month 50,000yen / month 25,000yen / month
over 500 -special estimated
Special Price Course : add 2,500yen for each 50 classification
Easy Course : add 5,000yen for each 50 classification
voucher arrangement : add 2,500yen for each 50 classification
※ the price of each 50 calssification over 100 calssification is above

※Voucher arrangement is the service to file invoices and bills. 
   Well-ordered file will give good impression to in tax inquiry.

<Option Menu>

We provide other optional services below.

optional services detail fee
English Support Input to an accounting software in English 10,000yen/month
Englsih Report Option Output a report for the head office in English  from 10,000yen/month
Speed Option Deliver trial balances within 5days
Deliver trial balances within 10days
 additional 50% needed
additional 30% needed
Accrual Basis Option Apply accrual basis to procude this fiscal year's  5,000yen /month
Department Sort Option Caltulate a profit‐and‐loss statement by each department 5,000yen /month
Monthly Depreciation Option Caltulate and book depreciation Monthly 5,000yen /month
Monthly Inventory Option Caltulate Inventory Monthly 5,000yen /month
Budgeting Control Option Set budget and ouput the comparison toestimated results and actual results 5,000yen /month
Cash Flow Statement Option Output statement of cash receipts and disbursement 5,000yen /month
Management Annalysis Option Output Management Annalysis Report  5,000yen /month

※ exclude tax

Payroll Services Click!

<Payroll Service>

Output the basic information, calculate the total amount of payroll, the tax and insuarance, and the deduction and discount.

Base Price : 1,000 yen /person
from 1,000 yen /person・month

<Payroll Account Service>

Transfer your employee's salary to their bank account.

from 500 yen/person・month

<Payslip Mailing Service>

Mail the payslip to indivisual address.

from 5,000 yen/10person ・month

<Bonus Calculation>

Calculate the base bonus, deduction, and the amount.

from 500 yen/person・month

<Speed Option>

3 business days 7 business days
1~5person 10,000 yen 5,000 yen
6~10person 12,000 yen 8,000 yen
11~20person 15,000 yen 10,000 yen
21~30person 20,000 yen 12,000 yen
31~50person 25,000 yen 15,000 yen
51~100person 30,000 yen 20,000 yen
over 101person We will estimate indivisually. Feel free to ask.

Issuing an Invoice Service Click!

9,800 yen up to 10cases

add 5,000 yen for additional each 5 cases


We can customize the number of time to issue an invoice if you need.   ex) restaurant business.

<Sundry Expenses>

Extra payments will occur if envelopes or stamps are needed while publishing invoices. 

Transferring Payment Service Click!

Payment Schedule Preparation Service

Base Price3,000 yen(~30cases) add 105yen for each 1 case


Internet banking payment Service

 10cases : 1,000 yen / case


 over 11cases : 800 yen/ case

Supporting tax affairs 

Tax Consultation ・ Second Opinion Click!

Tax Consultation -Japanese 5,000 yen / 30min.

 Tax Consultation -English  7,000 yen / 30min.

 International Tax Consultation -Japanese or English10,000 yen / 30min.

Settlement / Corporate Tax Support Click!

Report Making: from 50,000 yen 

English Report Executing Click!

Englsih Report for the head office : from 10,000 yen / month

Tax Planning Click!

※contact us if you are interested in this service

Tax Inquiry Support Click!

Simulation in advance : from 30,000 yen  / day
Attendence on the day: from 30,000 yen / day
Excute revised return : from 50,000 yen

Payment of Tax Support Click!

Excute indivisual final income tax return : from 50,000 yen

Duptize the Payment of Tax : from 30,000 yen /month 


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