You can choose and customize our services below.

Advance into Japan

Incorporation Service  Click!

Incorporation fee : from 40,000yen

Fundrasing Support Click!

Excute a business plan : from 50,000yen

Accounting and general affair Support

Bookkeeping Service Click!

Special Price Course : fulfill te cash book with your self

Easy Course : duptize all fullfilment (from collecting and organizing receipt to inputting the accounting software)

Monthly classification Special Price Course Easy Course voucher arrangement
50 1,500yen / month 3,000yen / month 3,000yen / month
100 5,000yen / month 10,000yen / month 5,000yen / month
150 7,500yen / month 15,000yen / month 7,500yen / month
200 10,000yen / month 20,000yen / month 10,000yen / month
300 15,000yen / month 30,000yen / month 15,000yen / month
400 20,000yen / month 40,000yen / month 20,000yen / month
 500 25,000yen / month 50,000yen / month 25,000yen / month
over 500 -special estimated
Special Price Course : add 2,500yen for each 50 classification
Easy Course : add 5,000yen for each 50 classification
voucher arrangement : add 2,500yen for each 50 classification
※ the price of each 50 calssificationover 100 calssification is above.

※Voucher arrangement is the service to file invoices and bills. 
   Well-ordered file will give good impression to tax inquiry.

<Option Menu>

We provide other optional services below.

optional services detail fee
English Support Input an accounting software in English 10,000yen/month
Englsih Report Option Output a report for the head office in English  from 10,000yen/month
Speed Option Deliver trial balances within 5days
Deliver trial balances within 10days
 additional 50% needed
additional 30% needed
Accrual Basis Option Apply accrual basis to procude this fiscal year's  5,000yen /month
Department Sort Option Caltulate a profit‐and‐loss statement by each department 5,000yen /month
Monthly Depreciation Option Caltulate Depreciation Monthly 5,000yen /month
Monthly Inventory Option Caltulate Inventory Monthly 5,000yen /month
Budgeting Control Option Configure budget and ouput the comparison toestimated results and actual results 5,000yen /month
Cash Flow Statement Option Output statement of cash receipts and disbursement 5,000yen /month
Management Annalysis Option Output Management Annalysis Report  5,000yen /month

※ excluding tax

Payroll Services Click!

<Payroll Service>

Output the basic information, calculate the total amount of payroll, the tax and insuarance, and the deduction and discount.

Base Price : 1,000 yen /person
from 1,000yen /person・month

<Payroll Account Service>

Transfer your employee's salary to their bank account.

from 500yen/person・month

<Payslip Mailing Service>

Mail the payslip to indivisual address.

from 5,000yen/10person ・month

<Bonus Calculation>

Calculate the base bonus, deduction, and the amount.

from 500yen/person・month

<Speed Option>

3 business days 7 business days
1~5person 10,000yen 5,000yen
6~10person 12,000yen 8,000yen
11~20person 15,000yen 10,000yen
21~30person 20,000yen 12,000yen
31~50person 25,000yen 15,000yen
51~100person 30,000yen 20,000yen
over 101person We will estimate indivisually. Feel free to ask.

Issuing an Invoice Service Click!

9,800yen (under 10cases)

※add 5,000yen for each 5 cases

※We can customize the number of time to issue an invoice if you need.   ex) resturant business.

<Sundry Expenses>

Extra payments will occur if envelopes or stamps are needed while publishing invoices. 

Transferring Payment Service Click!

<Payment Schedule Preparation Servie>

Base Price:3,000yen(~30cases) ※add 105yen for each 1 case

<Internet banking payment Service>
~10cases : 1,000yen / case
over 11cases : 800yen/ case


Tax Consultation ・ Second Oppinion Click!

Tax Consultation -Japnese :5,000yen / 30min.
Tax Consultation -English  :7,000yen / 30min.

International Tax Consultation -Japanese or English:10,000yen / 30min.

Settelment / Corporate Tax Support Click!

Report Making: from 50,000yen 

English Report Executing Click!

Englsih Report for the head office : from 10,000yen / month

Tax Planning Click!

※contact us if you are interested in this service

Tax Inquiry Support Click!

Simulation in advance : from 30,000yen  / day
Attendence on the day: from 30,000yen / day
Excute revised return : from 50,000yen

Payment of Tax Support Click!

Excute indivisual final income tax return : from 50,000yen

duptize the Payment of Tax : from 30,000yen /month 















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