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Office selection ~ Expatriates VISA

We execute a range of services from office selection to expatriates visa on behalf of you.

We do support the procedure relating to the establishment of a representative office in Japan.

Generally, foreign companies can set up a representative office to gather information and to research market.

It is declared in Foreign Exchange Management Act that in the establishment of the office of such purposes, registration is not required.

Required work during the installation is to research good location to set up a representative office and to make the application of VISA (status of residence of foreigners who work in the representative office).

In an unfamiliar situation, visiting the real estate agent to find an office in Japan is quite a work.

In addition, since Representative Office has not been registered as a corporation, so finding a guarantor is often difficult as well.

We can support from the research of office location to making application for a visa of expatriates.

We support the payroll too!

We can advise even after the installation of Representative Office for payment of salary occurring in the employment of the staff and for the social insurance procedures.

You can also be carried out bookkeeping as well, but the payroll will not be fully supported if company is located in overseas.

In particular, the calculation is troublesome in the case where the company adopts a benefit plan of foreign companies.

Rather than Japan adoption staff, in the case of employees seconded from headquarters, tax calculation is complicated as well.

Outsourcing service of accounting and tax is also a recommended service of us.

We can support from the settlement of Representative Office to various advices for business after the launching.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering the establishment of a representative office in Japan.


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