Accounting Outsourcing Service for Foreign-capital Companies in Japan

Services for Manager and Accounting Staff

Our 6 key points

A wealth of experience in working for foreign-capital companies in Japan.

   More than 3,000 cases Over 15 years

IFRS accounting procedures' inplementation.

Decreasing the cost of indirect departments .

Increasing efficiency with outsourcing burdens and more commitment to core business.

Expert certified public accountant.

●Handling the monthly reporting for foreign-capital companies.

"Accounting outsourcing service" is to duptize your company's accounting operation.

Service Fee will be decided according to your company's features.(numbers of stuff,sales ammount,business type, etc.)



Who we can support

If you have no information on Japanese taxatinon...

If you have to write monthly reporting for the head office in English...

If your current Tax Accounts is not trsut worthy as for internatinoal tax and accounting...

If you don't have an accounting manager in Japanese...

If you want to cut the position of accounting manager and cost of it...

If you want an expert who checks monthly accouintg...

and others!

We would like to help any other tax-related troules if you have.
Please feel free to ask      
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Accounting Outsourcing Service

Bookkeeping Service

Special Price Course  : from 1,500yen/month
・fulfill te cash book with your self

Easy Course : from 3,000yen/month
・duptize all fullfilment (from collecting and organizing receipt to inputting the accounting software)

※exculding tax


We have other optional services below.

optional services Detail
English Support Input an accounting software in English
Englsih Report Option Output a report for the head office in English
Speed Option Deliver trial balances within 5days
          Deliver trial balances within 10days    
Receipt order support Option Order receipts and bills and output on Excel Book
Accrual Basis Option  Apply accrual basis to procude this fiscal year's 
Department Sort Option Caltulate a profit‐and‐loss statement by each department
Monthly Depreciation Option Caltulate Depreciation Monthly
Monthly Inventory Option Caltulate Inventory Monthly
Budgeting Control Option Configure budget and ouput the comparison to 
estimated results and actual results
Cash Flow Statement Option Output statement of cash receipts and disbursement
Management Annalysis Option Output Management Annalysis Report 

>>List of Fee 


Payroll Service

Payroll Service: from 1,000yen/person・month

Output the basic information, calculate the total amount of payroll, the tax and insuarance, and the deduction and discount.

Payroll Account Service : from 500yen/person・month

Transfer your employee's salary to their bank account.

Payslip Mailing Service : from 5,000yen/10peron・month

Mail the payslip to indivisual address.

Bonus Calculation :500yen/person・month

Calculate the base bonus, deduction, and the amount.

>>List of Fee 



Issuing an Invoice Service

9,800yen each (~10 cases)

※additional 5,000yen/5 cases after 11th case

Issue an invoice basically once a month.

※We can customize the number of time to issue an invoice if you need.   ex) resturant business.

>>List of Fee 


Transferring Payment Service

Transfer a payment to each financial institution and proceed paying-in on your behalf.
Use Internet banking basically. 
-Feel free to ask if you take any other payment means.

Payment Schedule Preparation Servie :from 3,000yen

Internet banking payment Service :from 

>>List of Fee

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